Support RHL

   A donation from you helps us help the international students from Japan. Ryugakusei Hotline needs and greatly appreciates any and all contributions.

  Ryugakusei (International Student) Hotline is a non-profit volunteer group that supports the Japanese speaking students in the United States. The fund of Ryugakusei Hotline comes from the contribution of individuals and organizations in the community.

♦ Please make a your check payable to “Little Tokyo Service Center ” and note “donation to Ryugakuseihotline” in memo line.

   The check should be mail to:

         Ryugakusei Hotline

         231 E.Third St., Suite G-106

         Los Angeles, CA 90013

♦You are also able to wire money through the bank to:

Ryugakusei Hotline

Bank of West

Business Interest Checking


 If you would like to make a donation by other ways, please call us at (213) 473-1630.

Your support is truly appreciated!



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