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To the Student Advisers,

 Do you have Japanese nationals as members of your student body? We would like you to make them aware of a free program designed especially for them.

  Ryugakusei is the Japanese word for students from abroad. The Ryugakusei Hotline, located in the Los Angeles Little Tokyo Service Center (LTSC)*, provides information and referrals to Japanese students living in the U.S. We are open weekdays 10 am to 5 pm Pacific Standard Time.

There are thousands of such students in Los Angeles at any given time, often feeling isolated and not knowing where to turn when they have problems. At the Ryugakusei Hotline, trained Japanese-speaking volunteers help with an array of topics including mental health issues, landlord-tenant questions, alcohol and drug concerns, relationship problems, auto accidents, and immigration regulations.

Please provide Japanese language brochures that will introduce this resource to your students. Please help us help them, by making sure the information gets into the right hands.

The hotline telephone number is 1-213-473-1630.

* LTSC is a private, nonprofit, charitable organization which has been providing services throughout Los Angeles County for 33 years. Emphasizing bilingual and culturally sensitive social services, the organization has become a comprehensive service center addressing needs and issues affecting the Asian community.

 The brouchures can be downloaded from here.

RHL Brouchure ←Click!

Request Additional Brouchures

    Please call us if you have any questions at (213) 473-1630, or if you need more brochures.

You may use e-mail form at the side menu.




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